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Captain Tiden's Marine Canvas Center

Canvas serves as a versatile shield for boats, encompassing soft protective panels crafted from durable tarpaulin with isinglass inserts. Connected by zippers and secured to the boat deck with swivel fasteners or snaps, canvas offers reliable protection for boat components including the deck, vinyl seats, and instrument panel. However, the sun’s rays can pose a threat, as condensation on the isinglass surface can transform into countless miniature lenses, causing damage over time. This process leads to cloudiness, loss of transparency, and eventual deterioration of the isinglass within a few years. Additionally, the zippers connecting the tarpaulin panels may wear out with prolonged exposure to water and UV light.

Should your canvas require attention, replacing the affected isinglass panels and possibly the zippers is essential. We utilize premium materials like Sunbrella and Isinglass 40 gauge for rollable panels, along with sturdy Premium Flexa panels for non-opening sections. With high-strength nylon threads fortified with UV protection, our repairs ensure a prolonged lifespan for your canvas, providing peace of mind for your boating adventures.






The Importance of Quality Canvas:

  • Protection Against Elements: Our canvas products are designed to shield your boat from harsh sunlight, rain, and humidity. This protection is vital in keeping your boat looking new, vibrant, and in top condition.
  • Customized Solutions: We understand that every boat is unique. That’s why we offer customized solutions tailored to the specific needs and style of your boat.